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  • 8 Function Settings
  • Removable Glass Door
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Triple Glazed Glass Door
  • Catalytic Liners
Product description
8 Cooking Functions Light, Grill, Browning, Bake, Fan Forced, Fan Grill, Fan Bake, Defrost
Removable glass door Makes cleaning the oven easy
Telescopic Rails Ensures you can move your trays easily in and out the oven
Stainless Steel Design The most stylish design that fits to any kitchen
Triple Glazed Door Cool touch door makes it safer for all the family in the kitchen. Less chance of burning yourself if the door is accidently touched while the oven is on.
Catalytic liners ( 2 piece ) Catalytic liners absorb grease and dirt, then burn it off at up to about 200°C.